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Vito Proietti – Increase Your Outreach Manifold with These Instagram Strategy Tips

Vito Proietti

Vito Proietti says Instagram is widely considered to be one of the big hitters in the social media world. It has long evolved from a simplistic picture-based platform for hobbyists and is now a thriving hub. For visual and creative content. On top of this, it is one of the most prominent platforms for businesses to grow and promote themselves. Whether you are looking to find a job or to sell a product or service, there is perhaps no better. More approachable platform than Instagram to gain and target a dedicated audience.

Who Handles Your Instagram Account?

Instagram and its 1 billion monthly active users cannot be ignored. Then the question that arises is how you set up and maintain your presence on the platform. Several businesses have chosen to outsource these marketing efforts to professionals. The advantages of this are that you are more likely to see results sooner when professionals do the job, and you can save a lot of time and effort, which can then be re-invested into your business’s core competency. However, it can be a significant investment, and communication may be limited and involves unfaltering trust in an outside party. If you ultimately choose to keep things in-house, there are some things worth considering for the best results.

Keep Your Aims Smart and Realistic

Before embarking on a marketing campaign, you must know what you want to achieve out of it. These goals should be realistic and attainable, and you should be able to chart out a course to get from where you are to where you want to be. The best goals are atomic, time-bound, and measurable. By constantly tracking your progress, you will be able to fine-tune your campaign and achieve exactly what you were aiming for. Whether you want to gain 5,000 followers in a month or increase the conversion rate by 2%, any goal is achievable as long as you plan well and get going.

Know Your Audience and Target Them Well

A general-purpose approach is not good enough when it comes to Instagram. Your ad campaigns need to target a very specific audience that you have identified. Well before crafting the ads and the strategy that goes into them. Identify the niche you want to attract, and then find out their needs. What problems they need to be solved, and how you can serve their solutions.

Whether you are posting at a particular time to boost visibility or using special hashtags, you can try several things and then see how they affect your results. You could also see how some of your competitors or established players in the field are acting. And accordingly, try to analyze what parts of their strategy you want to adopt and where you want to diverge. Facebook Ads Manager allows very granular control of your ad campaigns and will let you drill down as far as you would like or are comfortable with. It is a good idea to seek professional assistance from a reputed digital marketing company.

Focus On Posting Something Different

As per https://www.huffpost.com, businesses must learn from some of the most reputable and biggest marketing organizations. And acknowledge the fact that every brand must have a unique story to sell. Experts believe when your focus is on establishing a brand and certainly not simply a business. You seem to be welcoming a much broader audience on Instagram for connecting with you more meaningfully. It pays to remember that today people no longer buy only goods and services. People believe in buying stories, relations, and magic. Choose diverse facets of your unique brand story. Then consider sharing them seamlessly in a manner that facilitates and motivates people in knowing, liking, and trusting you. It is of pivotal importance to recognize the fact that you can certainly gain your customers’ trust consistently. Sharing your stories instead of only selling your services or goods.

Invite & Boost Interaction

As an Instagram user, you should remember to invite users to interact actively. With each of your Instagram posts, you are hitting ‘publish’ on. Utilizing a CTA is the most effective way of gaining engagement on all posts. All Instagram posts must invite some action to your target audience. Consider using a simple prompt religiously in all posts to be published by you. 

Focus on Posting Consistently

If you keep on posting superlative content consistently, the algorithm will be working in your favor. Identify or determine your best posting time and accordingly set a schedule. As a business owner, you must be having an Instagram Business Account. Hence, leverage the valuable Insights feature for seeing important Instagram analytics. Moreover, focus on learning even more about your Instagram followers. And find out precisely when they interact most and are most active. We know that Instagram Insights helps you in getting more information about users interacting actively with your content.

Blend It All

Take a good look at your Instagram content. As per your target audience and industry, you should consider posting a magical mix of videos. And pictures to influence the algorithm positively. Remember videos are great for getting engagement, but they will retain viewers on just one platform and, that is the goal. In case you wish to highlight your organization’s human aspect, you may focus. On adding high-quality pictures of people making eye contact and facing the front to demonstrate authenticity.

Remember to Leverage the Powerful Instagram Stories Feature

Instagram Stories are known for being truly attention-grabbing. You should leverage this format effectively for being funny and creative. Instagram Stories are instrumental in broadening your overall reach as it allows you to tag some other Instagram accounts, along with your story for tapping into their account. 

Conclusion: Accepting the Multiple Facets of Instagram

Numerous social media platforms are competing aggressively to grab your attention. Hence, as social media marketers, it is your responsibility to go on chalking out stratagems for making your content visible to a massive, relevant Instagram audience. Fortunately, Instagram is a powerful and versatile platform that provides diverse formats for working with. It can be exciting and fun to become a successful Instagrammer. 

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